“Truancy” – by Gunner Spaeth

student submitted stories

Skateboarding is one of my greatest passions. It requires no coach, has no schedule, and is entirely unique to each rider. I find it’s one of the greatest forms of personal expression one can achieve. Basically, it’s an improvised version of ballet but on a shaped piece of maple wood. Skateboarding is not merely a hobby or a sport, but an art form. It teaches you some of life’s greatest character traits such as patience, resilience, self-discipline, and bravery. It has altered my world view, giving meaning to the meaningless, such as an empty swimming pool, a set of stairs, a yellow curb, etc. By utilizing basic physics, it has allowed me to achieve nearly impossible tasks, such as standing vertically on a wall. There is no greater rush than the chaotic bliss that it offers, and filming it is my way of displaying and documenting the passion that gets me so enthralled.