The Future of Blue Bean


To those who follow blue bean,


In this post, I’ll be talking about the future of blue bean, and what we’re hoping to accomplish in the years to come. 

For a while now the team and I have been busy working on our very first PRINT issue, one that focuses on those who struggle with a learning difference. The issue also features various (unrelated) stories that we feel give a nice glimpse into what blue bean’s all about. 

We will be publishing one of these themed print issues annually which will feature a culmination of student stories/experiences and various articles written by our team of staff writers. The print issues will range from 40-100 pages and be split into different categories based on the groups of voices we choose to spotlight for that particular issue.

We’re very excited about what’s to come next and can’t wait for you to lead, follow, and educate others using this magazine written by us, for you.



Eric-Ross McLaren (Founder & Editor-in-Chief, blue bean)

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