SafeUp: The App Looking to Create A Safer World for Women


In light of Sara Everard’s passing and the movement it sparked, I want to shed light on the difficulties women constantly face. Cities are made by and for men, which sparks fear within those who walk alone daily. I fear for my other queer and female-identifying friends. I always make sure they have a safe way home. But, there will be times when either I or another will be alone, without a friend in sight, raising the uncertainty of whether or not you will see your loved ones again; the unfortunate yet valid fear.

SafeUP - Women's Safety Network

Recently, I discovered an up-and-coming platform through my friend Aidan Gross: SafeUp. As described on their website, it’s “a community safety network that enables women to protect one another.” Their mission is to fight and ensure that women feel safe, protected, and empowered when deciding on a safe passage wherever they go.

Neta Schreiber Gamliel, an entrepreneur based in Israel, founded SafeUp in August, 2019. On their website, Neta talks about why she started the platform. “We managed to get there just in time – luck and women saved my friend that night.” At a house party, Neta and a friend noticed one of their friends vanished. When they went looking for her, they found her in a mortifying situation: she was fighting a group of half-naked men. In founding SafeUp, Neta believes that together, through a common goal of mutual protection and safety, they can harness the incredible power of women to “change the world,” and I believe and stand behind her. 


Neta Schreiber Gamliel, Founder & CEO of SafeUp

With the swipe of a button, SafeUp connects you to their safety network: Guardians. Guardians (allies/protectors) can help you either by video call or provide in-person assistance if you feel nervous or at risk wherever you are. You are also able to share your location with selected friends and family.

SafeUp is one of many tools and methods to feel somewhat safer when walking home. But, I do not want to validate the irrational, inhumane actions predators decide to take. We must take steps to break down the male-built cities that consume our societies, reworking and morphing them into a more equal, walkable, safer environment.

SafeUp continues to expand their efforts in new parts of the world. As of recently, they have just expanded their efforts into the Greater London Area.