Instagram Disabling the Reshare Button: An Activists’ Dilemma


As a part of a test, Instagram is disabling the reshare feature for a select few. Why? Well, they want to see whether or not resharing is truly “beneficial.” 

But isn’t it? Over a year, Instagram users have used this feature to their advantage: promoting positively impactful initiatives, such as getting justice for George Floyd or educating those on the seriousness of COVID-19. If they were to remove this, imagine the measures we’d have to take to get a pertinent issue across. What if we lived in a world where our voices are being silenced, oppressed?

The above might come off as dramatic, but why should Instagram toy with our tapping into activist culture to help an initiative by showing our support: resharing. One might argue you’re a “performative activist,” but isn’t that better than not saying anything?


Warning message regarding Instagram’s reshare removal testing.

Backtracking, Instagram’s concern is economic-related, but what makes this redundant is small business owners, who use resharing to thrive, will lose out on this change, one of the main reasons Instagram implemented this feature in the first place: to make a profit (commission). 

While this change isn’t permanent nor definite, such as the “removing likes” test, it’s a change to be looked out for, and living in a world full of wickedness, with a sprinkle of love, it’s pertinent more than ever to educate and “reshare” information that needs immediate action.

Here’s a petition to help stop Instagram from disabling feed post sharing to stories: