“Eritrea” – by Horeb Berhane


Hello! My name is Horeb Berhane, I’m 16 years old, I attend Lakeside Highschool, and I live in Atlanta, GA. I enjoy singing,  producing music, modeling, acting, performing arts, and the entertainment industry as a collective. My parents both immigrated to America in the ‘90s from a small country off the horn of Africa, Eritrea. This is the country I consider my home. They met and got married in LA, then moved to Atlanta to raise me and my sister.  I think that my aspiration in life as of right now is to one day be able to give back to my community in Eritrea; to be able to contribute to something bigger than myself. I compare my circumstances to theirs and acknowledge the privilege of living in the states. With the understanding that not everyone has this opportunity, it is not only a responsibility, but a reason that everything that I am and do is an homage to where I come from.