“Capturing The Small Moments In Life” – by Ben Krueger


Ben Krueger is a visual artist based out of the tristate area. He has been telling stories with a camera since the age of six, documenting street and home life in proximity to New York City. Krueger is pursuing his BFA in Photography from The Savannah College of Art & Design. His studies brought him to Hong Kong in 2018, a city that cultivated the explosive energy he enjoys capturing most in his work. Filmmaking is also a passion of Krueger’s, having been involved with over 100 short films over the past nine years. Ben co-founded Gelatin Labs with his dad, Doug, in 2018 to offer an approachable, affordable, personal, and high-quality solution to processing analog film. 

The work exhibited features Ben’s #shotoniphone work from his travels in 2018. While he enjoys and values using a professional camera, the iPhone serves as a journal to document the small moments in life, always at the ready in his pocket. 


Gelatin Labs

some of his works… 

more of Ben’s works can be found in the artistry section.