Student Movie Picks To Watch During Quarantine (May 2020)

by Rebecca Urato

As we approach the two-month mark into quarantine, boredom and cabin fever are running high, especially among young adults. TikTok’s appeal comes and goes, and any amount of school work is just too tedious. During this scary, tumultuous time, movies can provide us with a sliver of hope, optimism, or a much-needed belly laugh. So, do your part, stay home, and engage in one of the following movies to take your mind off this messy, chaotic time we are living in. Here are the best movies to watch during quarantine, in the month of May.


Stepbrothers – 2008 Comedy


Stepbrothers is a masterful comedy following Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) as they navigate life as forty-year-old men still living in their parents’ homes. After Brennan’s Mom and Dale’s Dad marry, Brennan and Dale are forced to live together. Their mutual hatred for each other, however, quickly blossoms into a wonderfully immature friendship. Whether its building bunk beds, fighting with elementary-aged children, sleepwalking together, or making one too many crude jokes, the Stepbrothers plot is continuously taking twists and turns. This movie is probably not one to watch with your grandparents, and can only be fully enjoyed if you appreciate crass humor, sarcasm, and general immaturity. 

However, behind the plethora of immature jokes, and the stupidity of the characters, Stepbrothers conveys an important message: we should never lose our inner child. This movie is a perfect reminder that humor can be found in any situation and will be sure to give you a good, genuine laugh and allow you to momentarily forget about the world outside of the TV screen.










Parasite – 2019 Thriller/Comedy


From the surface, Parasite seems like the typical drama/comedy with a fairly predictable plot: a poor family begins working for a wealthy family to take advantage of their money and must do their best not to get caught. However, Parasite is not an archetype of this familiar storyline. Rather, Parasite turns into a chilling story of survival, consequently spreading a larger message about wealth disparity. Parasite highlights the perpetual competition between the working class, who fight for the smallest morsels of food or money, while the wealthiest families live in growing affluence.

Parasite is an eerie social satire that packs a punch, but in a way that does not feel didactic or overly-instructional. Instead, it will leave you with burning questions and is a great conversation starter. This movie is not one you can half-watch while simultaneously scrolling through your phone. To truly appreciate and understand the work of Bong Joon-ho, you must stay attentive and invest some thought. Not to mention, this movie is entirely in Korean, so if you don’t understand Korean, subtitles will be your best friend. 

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Bridesmaids – 2011 Comedy/Romance 


Bridesmaids follows Annie (Kristen Wiig) through her crumbling life as she navigates being a maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding while she is out of work, broke, and heartbroken. Despite the comedic aspect and hilarious one-liners, Bridesmaids is a touching, poignant reminder of the importance of friendship, love, and reconciliation. When released, this film was considered a “breakthrough for female-centered comedy,” and it lives up to this title. Bridesmaids develops a common storyline into an unpredictable, heartfelt classic. Bridesmaids will most definitely rejuvenate any lost sense of hope or optimism and is proof that the best outcomes can come out of the worst situations. Among other things, this movie will leave you smiling and with a newfound appreciation for the friendships in your life.

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